CSS perspective-origin Property

The css perspective-origin property establishes the origin for the perspective property. It effectively sets the X and Y position at which the viewer appears to be looking at the children of the element. When used with perspective, perspective-origin changes the appearance of an object, as if a viewer were looking at it from a different origin. An object appears differently if a viewer is looking directly at it versus looking at it from below, above, or from the side. Thus, the perspective-origin is like a vanishing point. The default value of perspective-origin is 50% 50%. This displays an object as if the viewer’s eye were positioned directly at the center of the screen, both top-to-bottom and left-to-right. A value of 0% 0% changes the object as if the viewer was looking toward the top left angle. A value of 100% 100% changes the appearance as if viewed toward the bottom right angle.