CSS3 Border Image Generator



border: {{biBorderWidth.qty}}px solid transparent;
-webkit-border-image: url({{biSource}}') {{biVerticalLength.qty}} {{biHorizontalLength.qty}} fill {{borderrepeat.value}};
-o-border-image: url('{{biSource}}') {{biVerticalLength.qty}} {{biHorizontalLength.qty}} fill {{borderrepeat.value}};
border-image: url('{{biSource}}') {{biVerticalLength.qty}} {{biHorizontalLength.qty}} fill {{borderrepeat.value}};

About border-image property

css3 border image generator

The border-image CSS property allows drawing an image on the borders of elements. This makes drawing complex looking widgets much simpler than it has been and removes the need for nine boxes in some cases. We have made this border image  generator above for you to understand the syntax and generate code easily.

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