A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass

A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass

Simptip is a simple CSS tooltip made with Sass by Arash Manteghi. It is very lightweight and easy to use.



Firstly you need to include the stylesheet in document head:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="simptip.css" />

For example you want to display a tooltip in top direction:

<span class="simptip-position-top" data-tooltip="Tooltip's content"> Some Text </span

Types of Tooltips

Some classes included with Simptip

.half-arrow : change tooltip’s arrow to half arrow
.simptip-smooth : makes soft edge for tooltip
.simptip-fade : fades effect for show/hide
.simptip-movable : shows movable effect
.simptip-multiline : makes multiline body for tooltip
.simptip-success : changes color to green spectrum
.simptip-info : changes color to blue spectrum
.simptip-warning : changes color to orange spectrum
.simptip-danger : changes color to red spectrum