The popular saying “less is more” couldn’t be more true when it comes to website design. Although complicated website designs can be impressive, the affluence of web design elements isn’t something that certainly makes a website popular.

Since minimalism is a popular trend in web design now, I’ve decided to present a list of minimalistic website designs worth attention.

Why minimalistic web design is getting more and more popularity? Because it is transparent, simple and understandable. Minimalistic design provides clean, solid impression to visitors.

It doesn’t distract attention from the essence, doesn’t impede or distract attention, being a perfect form for a good content.

Below are the most stunning examples of minimalistic web design, ranging from simple presentation pages to grand web designers’ portfolios. What they all have in common is holding to the most important principle of minimalism art: less is more. Enjoy!

1. 10 years in type -the story of the Fontsmith library

2. Web is love – web & design stuff

3. Symon Collison portfolio

4. Skinny ships – Richard Perez design & illustration

5. Ben Hulse’s creative portfolio

6. Postmachina design agency

7. Findnowhere web design company

8. Soup agency – creative branding agency
soup agency

9. Inventory magazine
Inventory Magazine

10. Kerplunc web-based company
Kerplunc Company

11. Code Green web development company

12. Simple bits
Simple Bits studio

13. 160 over 90 branding agency
60 over 90 branding agency

14. Tom Watson portfolio