Migrated to WordPress from Blogger!


Hello world! I’m on wordpress now, I’m really excited to see my blog on wordpress. This is so clean and easy to use. I migrated from blogger coz the Blogger code is still wrapped up into just one file called a blog template. So when your blog gets more sophisticated the code can get a little longish making it confusing to work in.

Whereas my sweetheart WordPress, separates the “template” into smaller components making up what it calls a theme. By separating the code into smaller components, it makes it easier to work in (such as if you just want to make CSS changes you need only to load up the stylesheet).I have got soo much to say, but m wrapping up in one line, I’m Loving It!

P.S. Special Thanks to Bariski and Dreamhost for getting me in to Heaven what world call is Worpress!